Diana Torje is a Paris based artist, born in 1983.



MA in Graphic Arts, University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, 2007-2009

BA in Art Education, University of Art and Design, Cluj Napoca, 2003-2007 


Painting Lines

'’Drawing and painting, I have always been in between, enjoying both forms of artistic expression. In 2018, when I was ready to resume my artistic activity, I began to be fascinated by corals, then realized that by taking inspiration from this natural beauty, I could create an artistic style allowing me to combine graphics with color. I'm just getting started, but among my other painting experiments, this personal style will continue to grow and improve.’’

Abstract Pointillism

"These paintings have been inspired by the Aboriginal Art, but I wanted to take the composition and detail to another level. The artworks take several weeks to complete, they are made of hundreds of thousands of overlapped points with a diameter of less than 2 mm, made individually, a real challenge of patience."


"I spent all my childhood holidays in the countryside and now I am living near the forest and this beauty of nature inspires me every day. It’s the feeling of joy, optimism, and respect for the natural world."


‘’I've been fascinated by horses since I was little, I started drawing them at the age of 3 as a self-taught. My perception related to this magnificent creature is constantly evolving, not through the animal itself, but through the energy and emotion, it releases. I see the horse as a sum of opposites, the masculine and the feminine put together, strength and fragility, power and grace,  aggressiveness  and gentleness, a perfect form where angles blend with curves, leaving me with an endless area of artistic explorations.’’

The portraits

"This section contains some pictures of the artworks that I have created in High School or University when portraits and giant working surfaces fascinated me."