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Graphic paintings



Diana Torje is a Romanian painter, born in 1983, residing and working in the Parisian region. She has harbored a passion for painting since her childhood, recalling her preference for drawing over playtime. Diana pursued her artistic education at the Cluj-Napoca University of Fine Arts in Romania, dedicating six years to her studies. In 2013, she relocated to France, where she embarked on a journey of exploration through various painting styles in search of self-expression. It was only in 2019 that she conceived a unique painting style she named "Graphic Paintings." This innovative approach combines three distinct art forms: painting with color modulations, drawing as its foundation, and a hint of sculpture, resulting in a textured composition that interacts significantly with light, creating astonishing visual effects.


The technical aspect of Diana's work is equally fascinating, characterized by her inventive tools that eschew traditional brushes or pencils. Instead, she uses small bottles filled with acrylic paint, a meticulous process involving the creation of hundreds of custom colors. This painting procedure demands a significant amount of time, concentration, and patience because mastering it, including achieving the desired line thickness through precise pressure control, took several years of practice.


Diana's artistic inspiration derives from the natural world itself, which has consistently captivated her with its complexity and interconnected systems. She finds herself drawn to nature's intricate details and structural patterns, observable when examining the world from a macro or aerial perspective. These recurring, interwoven lifelines in various ecosystems serve as the foundation for her paintings, highlighting the intricate relationships and interdependence within nature.


Observing Diana's artworks reveals a profound inner life, brimming with energy and perpetual motion. Water stands out as a predominant motif in her work, symbolizing life, purity, renewal, and transformation. Throughout history, water has been represented as a vital force and a source of growth. Diana's paintings capture the diverse facets of water, from serene beauty to unrestrained power. The reflective nature of water mirrors introspection and self-discovery, as gazing upon water often reflects one's thoughts and emotions, inviting meditation on the inner self. Diana seeks to remind viewers of their connection to the natural world, invoking timeless truths and encouraging contemplation.


In the contemporary world, Diana observes a growing disconnect between people and nature, driven by the allure of new technologies. In response, she aspires to use her artwork as an invitation for individuals to embark on an introspective journey and reconnect with nature. Through her artistic vision, Diana aims to underscore the richness and harmony of biological systems while prompting reflection on the crucial link between humans and the natural world, advocating for its protection.

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